Positive effects of the transatlantic slave trade

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What effects did the slave trade have on Africa?Long Term Impact Of The Atlantic Slave Trade. – The slave trade was just one of the components of the transatlantic trade which featured an exchange of a variety of goods and plantation produce for slaves on the African coast who were later exchanged for raw materials in plantations on the American colonies and mainly the west indies. economic change is gradual and has a cumulative effect and the commercial capitalism in the 18th century.

The Effect of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade by. – The Caribbean was a gold mine for sugar farms. Spain and other european counterparts imported many slaves to the Caribbean to work in the horrendous conditions of the farms. The labor was harsh and many died, but the sugar was profitable. Since many slaves died on these farms they had to be replaced

The Economic Effects of the Slave Trade on. – The Economic Effects of the Slave Trade on Africa, Britain, and America Essay – In today’s day and age money makes the world go round but, that is not the question.

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